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A simple phobia is defined as any phobia (other than agoraphobia) associated with relatively simple well-defined stimuli.

This best describes what I do and try to convey to my public. My motto for Esquire Photos is “Capturing Moments in Style” which means we do everything in style. I make it memorable and I make it stand out. Not only do I make you look good we look good while doing it. It adds a level of class and style to everything I do that makes me different. That can convey over to something that becomes memorable and very much attached to people’s brains. When they see something or my work they can’t help but watch and remember it. This is where Simplistic Phobia comes into play. Not to flashy but just enough to make it stand out. I do my best at making the extravagant look easy and quick to the public without over working their thought process.

I am available for all types of shoots and I do enjoy on location shoots the most. If you have a crazy idea for a shoot then I am going to be the photographer to make it happen. I will do free shoots if the idea is beneficial to me and my portfolio.